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Shoreline Restoration

Shorelands are naturally full of a rich diversity of life: plants, animals, and microorganisms, including humans. As we understand more about the structure and function of shoreland, we also become aware of the importance of our role in keeping these systems healthy. Our efforts can lead to the restoration of a quality outdoor resource, and a community full of life and beauty.

The Problem

Traditional lawns, while not particularly harmful, have few of the benefits of a more natural shoreline. Lawns are shallow rooted, provide little wildlife habitat, need frequent maintenance and are often over-fertilized. These factors can lead to problems on your lake like shoreline erosion, lake sedimentation, excessive algae growth and loss of natural wildlife.

The Solution

Creation of a buffer zone is the essence of the lakescaping concept. It is an opportunity to balance our needs and priorities with the needs and priorities of those with whom we share life at the edge of the water. Shoreland restoration can restore natural features to your shoreline like more wildlife, natural pollution filtration and erosion prevention. Restoring the balance of nature enhances the aesthetic quality and recreational opportunities we appreciate. It will also balance your lifestyle with the needs of the natural communities of plants and animals that also call the shoreland home.

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