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Demolition: Buildings & Structures

Demolition of buildings, pools and structures

We were showcased on WCCO news for a difficult demolition project involving a concrete silo. View video of concrete demolition.

A large share of our work is in the demolition and removal of houses, pools, garages and commercial buildings. We can handle everything including disconnecting utilities and acquiring permits. We recycle as much material as possible and dispose of the rest in a proper landfill.

We also work with many restoration companies offering fire and water damage clean-up. If you've suffered a fire or water loss we can remove part or all of your structure and prepare it for restoration.

Pool removal should be done carefully and professionally. We completely dispose of the liner and provide clean, compatible fill soil in its place. We will also re-grade your lot, allowing for proper drainage away from any structures. To complete the job, we can even provide you with a new, green lawn before we leave.

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If our 20 years in the business has taught us anything, it's that quality work speaks for itself.

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