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Patio Paver Installation

Surround yourself with the beauty, performance and lasting durability offered by patio pavers. We have beautified hundreds of outdoor spaces using patio pavers. With a wide range of colors and styles, there is a choice for every home and every budget. Besides the aesthetic value of patio pavers, they also have the ability to adjust to the expanding and contracting soil conditions produced by our harsh Minnesota winters. Proper paver stone installation is key, and our experience will ensure a patio that remains solid and beautiful for years to come.

Check out some before and after pictures from one of our projects below. Also, read what the happy customer had to say about us. Genadek was able to install a gorgeous paver patio and drainage system, solving her water problems in under utilized outdoor space all at the same time. The rejuvenated landscape speaks for itself.

Paver Patio: Before Paver Patio: During Paver Patio: After

See how it was done.

A Satisfied Paver Patio Customer

My house was built 3 years ago and this walkout area has been a mess from the beginning. With a heavy clay base and high water table, water collected and pooled in this low lying area. In 3 years this area had never completely dried out. It literally sucked the boots off my feet. Not only was it unattractive and un useable, it also posed a risk for moisture to get into the house. Last winter the frost caused heaving of the sonotube footings and the screen porch so we knew we needed to get this area corrected. We had other contractors out but they found the moisture too much to deal with and did not complete the job or correct the drainage problem.

I began a new search for more experienced contractors. I arranged appointments with Genadek Landscaping and Excavating and 2 others. The other companies said they would get back to me but never did. Stan asked questions and made a plan that would work with my budget. Genadek Landscaping and Excavating came back with a plan for an attractive outdoor space and correction of the significant drainage issue.

When the crew began removing the clay base to place the french drain and prepare the site for the pavers, I received a call from the crew lead saying in all his years of experience this was the worst drainage problem he had ever seen. Water flowed out from the corner of the foundation and the skid steer with tracks got stuck. I spoke to Stan and he had a plan to correct it. The new french drain was put to the test and passed with flying colors when heavy rains came through just after it was completed.

Working with Stan and his crew has been a pleasure. I was kept informed throughout the process. Any changes to the plan that needed to be made were discussed with me. They are knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Working with Genadek Landscaping and Excavating has given me peace of mind as well as a beautiful and functional paver patio to enjoy. This is the only company I will be using for future projects and highly recommend them.

Thanks and kudos to Stan, Mike, Dave, and Tim for all your hard work (please forgive me if I missed anyone). Working with you has been a blessing. You guys live up to your mission - incorporating courtesy, dependability and integrity into everything you do.

-Loretta M.

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