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Residential & Commercial Excavation

Excavation, backhoe work and finish grading

Originally, Genadek started as an excavation company, and today, that aspect remains a major focus. Our ability to utilize our experience, knowledge and network of professionals allows us to easily handle all sorts of residential and commercial projects - no what the size.

Residential Excavation:

Typical residential work will include digging additions and basements, as well as re-grading for water and drainage problems. We offer Dozer, skid steer, excavator and backhoe work. We also do finish grading, black dirt and mulch installations as well as sod work. We can assist with layout and design as well as shoot grades to help get the project started.

A Satisfied Customer

We hired Stan and his crew in the fall of 2007 to extend our back yard. We didn't exactly know how we wanted it to look when we were done, so we were flying a little bit by the seat of our pants. Stan was very helpful in doing the job the way we wanted, especially after the project started to take shape. We had a few major changes in the process, but everything turned out great when it was done. This project did turn out to be more of a challenge than we thought, but which major project doesn't? We have a beautiful new boulder retaining wall and stone steps. Plus more room for the kids and dogs to roam! We would recommend Genadek, because they have the equipment and people to get everything done, and done right.

-Jeff S.

Professional excavating service

Commercial Excavation:

We have worked with almost every major general contractor in the Twin cities and many from rural Minnesota. We provide soil correction, as well as building and parking lot grading. Commercial and residential water solutions are another facet of Genadek, like grading, exterior waterproofing, drain tile and French drain systems. All of our work is on the outside of the building as we believe it is necessary to stop the water before it comes inside. This is a major step in the process of eliminating mold and mildew problems.

Why Genadek?


Every job is done with courtesy and integrity; It's the only way we know how to do business.


If our 20 years in the business has taught us anything, it's that quality work speaks for itself.

Customer Service

When the job begins, during the job and after – your complete satisfaction is top priority.